Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Making a Stand

As a band is it most definitely expected of us that we should be political and stand up for the under dog.

(or ‘fight for the right to party’… we’re unsure which is morally more worthy)

Therefore after recently agreeing to donate a generous £1 a month to Wikipedia,
only to discover that they’re having a Wiki-Black Out as a protest against US web piracy,

I wondered what would happen if JF joined the protest… and did a 24/hr Blog blackout!

 I posted the below.

 … in all truth the response wasn’t as dramatic as I’d hoped

We failed to make the METRO front page or even the South London Press.
Sorry Wikipedia you're on your own.

Jenners Field, Making a stand!... a small unnoticed one.

-JF- x

Friday, 13 January 2012

Still sober

So I think a happy new year is in order....maybe a merry Christmas. Or whatever...either way...we find ourselves in January..its getting colder... and for some reason ..hollywood has decided to love up Maggy Thatcher (thats Maggy Fatbitch to you and me)...well ...having said that...i haven’t aaactually seen the movie myself....But have watched the trailors and read some reviews so I feel I am pretty well informed....
Infact..... I thought Streep can’t fill in the yawning gaps in her character as written, and so she doesn’t even reach the level of her work in Julie and Julia *Cough* ... aaaaaaaaaand I TOTALLY and agree with Jamie Thomas 22, of Claypool Court, South Shields when he said “I thought Meryl Streep was fantastic in Mama Mia”....*COUGH COUGH*

But now to something which I did see....The other day when we played the wonderful Paris is Burning (thanks to all of those who came, it was a really good night) this girl Dede opened the show, and she was REALLY good....cant wait to see more of her. This song is great!!!!

Still sober by thisisdede

we have a couple of new songs in pipeline which we are very excited about......aaand are at the last step in completing.....!!!!....here is a visual representation of what it should sound like

Candy to your ears!!!!

Danilo - JF -

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas Eve'nin all.

Hello Christmas Critters! 

This is blog is coming at you from a very very tired man, so as I write this I am peering over the top of a cup of coffee similar to this; 

(that guy's super happy about that coffee, and so am I)

So I'll keep this one short and sweet.

Over here at JFHQ we feel as though we have achieved a hell of a lot this year, and we, at this time of festivities, want to thank you guys for supporting us. This year we released a single(!) from which we received some great feedback and reviews, played some gigs in some pretty weird places (my personal favourite was the empty room in oxford), and generally had a great time being a band. But if nobody was listening to the music, coming to the gigs or generally being the best bunch of people on the planet there'd be no point in doing it, so thank you, have a great christmas and we'll see you in the new year for what we hope is going to be our most exciting yet. 

Now I must go and lay down, otherwise tomorrow I'm gonna end up looking like this guy tomorrow. 

Grant, JF.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

JF hit the Studio

Dearest wonderful people,
I write this whilst sitting in the studio watching laurie ‘cut’ vocals in the studio for our next single (...though im not really sure people actually say ‘cut vocals’ anymore except in bad films).
cue pretty picture of Laurie in headphones... ta da!

Ill add more photos later but right now i have to dash... im on tea duty 

Jed x  -JF-

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Meant to Mention.

Totally meant to mention...

We have a show coming up at the fabulous Rivoli Ballroom in Brockley.

Not only is this very close to that which we call home, but is also one of the few remaining traditional ballrooms in London.

It. is. Amazing.

The show is a 'Masquerade Ball' for Goldsmiths University Design Course... any excuse to dress up and we're there.

Anyway... if you're bored this week you know where we'll be!

Jedx -JF-

Friday, 25 November 2011

No need to thank me.

Recently reintroduced to this and now i'll listen to nothing else...

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Warming Winter Wonders

Alright lovely JF followers,

The weather's just taken a turn for the worse and therefore we've concocted a series of exciting events to get you through the winter months...

First on our list of extravaganzas we have a JF show at The Globe Inn (Portsmouth) on 29th November.

This will be our 3rd show in Portsmouth and we're yet to not enjoy every moment!

Up next for your delight...

a headline show at the infamous club night 'Paris Is Burning' at The Lexington (Angel, LDN) on Sat 10th December.

We literally couldnt be more excited about this show!

You should therefore all come and warm yourselves in the glow of loud music + drink.

Finally before i dash off to buy stage worthy gloves and a scarf...

As of this weekend we'll be back in the studio recording our next single and it will be awesome!
We'll keep you updated with pictures and footage of how this pans out.

speak soon