Thursday, 13 January 2011

Hello 2011 (or something similar)

So yes the JF blog has been a little quiet of late, but hush my people business will soon be restored as per usual. I simply haven't had time to get the computer since my personal trainer set my 23 hour a day exercise regime in order to ward off the devils of roast dinner.....he says they're attacking my stomach and trying to steal my slender figure. However he's a weirdo, so I think i'll be ok. Who actually wears lycra anyway? As you can also probably tell, everything I just said was in fact made up.

And so onwards! To start off the new year (i know its the 13th or whatever but I'm a slow learner) heres a couple of things i believe you should ALL know about. Because yes people, I believe my opinion is important even though its probably not. I like to pretend that many a person reads this before running in the street to proclaim my musings to the whole community. In reality that doesn't happen....at least probably not anyway. However as a side point I have been reading our stats recently and found out that around 50% of traffic to this blogs come through people searching 'Vajazzle' in google images. Therefore I have realised the secret to online success is in fact to start posting a dirty picture every week.

This is a rad band, HOODLUMS. We've played with them before but I only just rediscovered them. This cover is awesome...plus they're in the Bronx innit and that definitely makes them cool. The only bad thing about it actually is I can only hear it in my left earphone. Hence if i could hear it in both it would probably be TWICE as good.

I didn't really like the original version, but this remix changed my mind. It makes me want to dance in circles in the dark, in slow motion, with some kind of shawl. Oh and this one works in both earphones, double cool!

Finally since this blog is vaguely meant to be about some band I'm in, JF have announced their first show of 2011! CLUB FANDANGO February 1st at the Buffalo Bar, go us!

Until next time!

Laurie xxxx