Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas Eve'nin all.

Hello Christmas Critters! 

This is blog is coming at you from a very very tired man, so as I write this I am peering over the top of a cup of coffee similar to this; 

(that guy's super happy about that coffee, and so am I)

So I'll keep this one short and sweet.

Over here at JFHQ we feel as though we have achieved a hell of a lot this year, and we, at this time of festivities, want to thank you guys for supporting us. This year we released a single(!) from which we received some great feedback and reviews, played some gigs in some pretty weird places (my personal favourite was the empty room in oxford), and generally had a great time being a band. But if nobody was listening to the music, coming to the gigs or generally being the best bunch of people on the planet there'd be no point in doing it, so thank you, have a great christmas and we'll see you in the new year for what we hope is going to be our most exciting yet. 

Now I must go and lay down, otherwise tomorrow I'm gonna end up looking like this guy tomorrow. 

Grant, JF.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

JF hit the Studio

Dearest wonderful people,
I write this whilst sitting in the studio watching laurie ‘cut’ vocals in the studio for our next single (...though im not really sure people actually say ‘cut vocals’ anymore except in bad films).
cue pretty picture of Laurie in headphones... ta da!

Ill add more photos later but right now i have to dash... im on tea duty 

Jed x  -JF-

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Meant to Mention.

Totally meant to mention...

We have a show coming up at the fabulous Rivoli Ballroom in Brockley.

Not only is this very close to that which we call home, but is also one of the few remaining traditional ballrooms in London.

It. is. Amazing.

The show is a 'Masquerade Ball' for Goldsmiths University Design Course... any excuse to dress up and we're there.

Anyway... if you're bored this week you know where we'll be!

Jedx -JF-

Friday, 25 November 2011

No need to thank me.

Recently reintroduced to this and now i'll listen to nothing else...

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Warming Winter Wonders

Alright lovely JF followers,

The weather's just taken a turn for the worse and therefore we've concocted a series of exciting events to get you through the winter months...

First on our list of extravaganzas we have a JF show at The Globe Inn (Portsmouth) on 29th November.

This will be our 3rd show in Portsmouth and we're yet to not enjoy every moment!

Up next for your delight...

a headline show at the infamous club night 'Paris Is Burning' at The Lexington (Angel, LDN) on Sat 10th December.

We literally couldnt be more excited about this show!

You should therefore all come and warm yourselves in the glow of loud music + drink.

Finally before i dash off to buy stage worthy gloves and a scarf...

As of this weekend we'll be back in the studio recording our next single and it will be awesome!
We'll keep you updated with pictures and footage of how this pans out.

speak soon


Thursday, 13 October 2011

World News


I was doing some research the other day, research into what people listen to around the world, more specifically what the well informed, interesting sexy people listen to around the world. After extensive scouring through the web, I discovered some interesting results.

Apparently in Australia, they ONLY listen to Kylie, seriously, they think Dannii Minogue is a shoddy transvestite impersonator from Quebec.

And, in India they ONLY listen to Bubba Sparxxx,

According to reliable sources, in Istanbul they only listen to Coolio.

AAAAAND, somehow, in Indonesia they ONLY listen to the one and only JENNERS FIELD, well we got played on Memora FM.

Memora FM, we love those guys here at JF, we are glad they picked our last single as suitable ear candy for its listeners. Apparently they are the 3rd largest radio station in Indonesia... I say apparently because I just made that up.

Strangely, JENNERS FIELD are not only popular in Indonesia, but also in Brooklyn, because according to this blog if you are a resident of Jay Z's hometown we are to be your new weekly obsession!

On other news, we are really looking forward to going to rehearse with producer Steve Lyon this weekend, gotta get our next single down for your listening pleasure. And I couldn’t think of a better place to do it than in a studio on this strange island in the murky waters of the Thames, (if you didn’t know the Thames had islands, don’t feel guilty, nor did we).

We are VERY excited!

In keeping with my theme I leave you with this great band from Japan, or maybe they're Aliens, I am not quite sure. But either way, this tune seems to be doing pretty well in my bedroom. 


Danilo – JF – x

Monday, 10 October 2011

Brooklyn, Beards & Red Rum

Afternoon lovely JF fans (and all you 'Not fans but just nosey'),

We have just received word someone's giving our Brooklyn NYC status a boost on thier blog.

I've posted it below, for those of you who simply cant bring themselves to follow a link...

alternatively you may have Interphobia in which case i applaude you for simply getting this far and wouldnt dare ask you to open another page.


On another note we took our manager and favourite bearded Engineer (Sam Wheat) to the races...

We expected to leave rich (possibly with new horse in tow), however may have misunderstood the concept...

Therefore this is the moment me and Laurie lost all our money, whilst (now not favourite Engineer) won it all.

... we'll not be going back.

Jed x

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Busy busy bees.

Hello world wide web, as we've got some pretty cool stuff coming up, I thought I'd do a quick post just to let you all know about the happenings over the next couple of weeks.

Firstly, on Sept 27th, we will be playing at camden's Proud Galleries, as party of the awesome 'Call the Landlord' club night. Last time we played this event I stumbled across a pretty large guy pole-dancing in one of the booths. And that was before we went on.
click HERE to go to the Facebook event page.

and then, only a few days later we are thrilled to announce we're supporting the absolutely insane and fantastic David Goo Variety Band at their 'World Domination' album launch at The Bowery on New Oxford Street on the 1st October.

Here's a video of David getting slapped and sung about.

In other news, Camberwell Grove is now available for your auditory pleasure on our myspace and Facebook profiles, so go have a listen and let us know what you think.

Until the next time, stay classy, internet.
Grant, -JF- x

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

JF in Briefs

Hi one and all,

Just thought i'd say something brief to let you know what's being going on with us & thus keep your worlds bright and colourful.

First of all i'll mention that following the fun and frolicks from our first single, 'Drunk Drive', we're now sorting the recording of the 2nd (...cue rapturous applause).

I wont mention which track it'll be, but its going to be a bigger and more exciting JF than ever before.

Oooh also talking of our previous debut single, we did recieve some great coverage recently from ITV on thier new 'London Music Review' feature


(we're around 1 min 55secs in and you even get to see our ugly mugs prancing around)

Thank you all those that came down to our recent Headline Barfly show, it was great to see so many of you there and after sorting the single we'll be back for more soon.

Feel free to follow the below link for a few up close & personal shots of the set....
JF @ Camden Barfly

So that's pretty much it folks, we'll of course keep you posted as things progress and i leave you with a St.Vincent track that i'm currently watching on repeat.

Jed x

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Top tips from Croydon's finest


Just got back from a raaaather enlightening trip to West Croydon. Anyone who has ever been to aforementioned place will know that it's the urban equivalent of 'that-fox-who-crapped-on-the-doorstep-last-week-so-when-you-took-the-rubbish-out-you-stepped-in-it'. Generally when that happens, one would make a face rather like this...


And that my friends is the exact expression I made throughout my two hour round trip. Now back in the safety of my dining room I can reflect on the experience, and particularly some advice a tramp gave to me whilst I was parking my car. He said "you know son, I'm going to give you some advice.....the police here, they don't like you drinkin' alcohol on the street.....so what I do is go to McDonalds, get a drinks cup and pour my Special Brew into it...that way they never know!". He then proudly raised his concealed prize, farted, and wandered off. Well I must say thank you trampy man for showing me all that Croydon has to offer.

In lighter news its only a few days left till our Brighton gig supporting Lucy Rose. We're super psyched to be playing with her as she's SO BLOODY GOOD. Here's a little video of hers to give you a taster, but if you're in the Brighton area on Saturday night come and check her out at The Hope, and then oh yea you can watch us play before too!


ALSO we've announced a London headline show at the Camden Barfly on August 16th. More info will follow on this, but basically we're just really happy because we get a HUGE DRESSING ROOM and also FREE BEER. Why else does anyone ever join a band???


Laurie -JF-

p.s. have you bought our single 'Drunk Drive'? If no then GO GET IT NOW. If yes then we are forever in your debt (well in fact to the total of 79p but I thought that sounded better)

Sunday, 17 July 2011

The Hope, Brighton / 30th July

Afternoon all,

It's a Sunday and for once we aren't rehearsing THUS, i thought i'd take a moment to mention our upcoming Brighton show.

It's at The Hope (Brighton) and with any luck should be something of a spectacle.

Look a flyer...

You can buy tickets here if you like .... ooooh very tempting i know.

Last time we went to Brighton we discovered this on route

So i think it's fair to say if nothing else, it's worth coming just for the journey.

Bye everyone

(and don't forget to buy the new JF Single!)

Jed x

Thursday, 7 July 2011

OUR FIRST SINGLE IS OUT!!....but erm....we're not here


Usually in a blog someone starts off by categorising all the shizz that has happened since the last blog, but although this tasty bit of news is coming i feel that I need to back track just a little to explain why its

a) 4.30 in the afternoon and i only just woke up,
b) why i don't recommend ordering turkish ravioli.

well basically, you remember back in April when Laurie became a man?

Well, all was good and well until the next day when laurie actually realised what being a man implied, as his future life flashed before his eyes 

and in a hazed morning with bbq wings, cheeseburgers, and cans of beer strewn across the house, him and jed did what all good Brits do when reality kicks in...
went on easyjet.com and ordered a dollop of sunshine, alcohol and importantly ignored all sentences that didn't consist of 'its soooo fucking hot' and/or 'i love how alcohol is SOOO cheap here' etc...

I soon followed suit when after 56 hours of being in the library finishing off my dissertation, I immediately slumped to the pub and while sipping my nice coold beer said 'jesus christ... next time i will really start working earlier and not leave it to the last minute.......' *cough*

so thats the story of how on the day of our debut single release... JF were nowhere to be seen.  Laurie and Jed have ended up in Morocco fondling some Camels (pics to follow) , I subsequently bought a ticket to istanbul and am now in Bulgaria, Hungary and hungover (see what I did there??), and why Grant being the smart guy chose to fuck trying to ask 'where do you get the 409 bus that goes to your little hostel at 5a.m.?' in bulgarian, and just went to see Prince at Hop Farm.......WELL  jealous. Though actually we haven't heard from him since, currently a bit worried that he's been stranded in that severe downpour of purple rain, though fingers crossed he had his raspberry beret with him (should I stop now.....?....I think so )

This may well be Grant… we're unsure!?

Aaanyway, onwards and upwards.

With the release of the single this week we've had some great interviews.


We've been up to BBC Humberside and BBC Nottingham to record a couple of acoustic sessions the first of which was aired with an interview on 'The Beat' last saturday on BBC Nottingham which you can catch on bbc iplayer, but there is only 2 days left.


we are around 35 minutes in… ish. Dean Jackson was great, and we will hopefully be back in nottingham both in radio format and live soon!

we've also had some great reviews,



BUUUUUUTTTTTTTT!!! the most important thing of all, we are now LIVEEE on Amazon and Itunes, BUY NOW!!! this is our first single and its great fun to have something out there for the big wide world!

until next time, probably full of holiday snaps (hopefully not too boring), have a good summer.

Danilo - JF-

Also just realised I forgot to answer why you shouldnt have turkish ravioli... well, its empty and some guy chucked yogurt on top, nuf said.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Where are my straighteners?

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh so the Drunk Drive vinyls are out in the big bad world. We've got 500 of these to shift so please please buy one (you'll get a free Mp3 with it) as otherwise we'll be forced to use them as expensive place mats. The link is on the right hand side of the page here >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

In preparation for the release of the digital version on July 4th we had some rather lovely reviews, most notably this one from Beehive City, who were at our Shoreditch House gig last week. Thanks guys!


On the flipside the reception for our hair hasn't been quite so good. The lovely people at unpeeled blog seem to have taken offence with our barnets, taking for the headline of their piece "STUPID HAIR PRODUCES ACE SINGLE". Basically all of us at Jenners Field HQ love this, so thanks Unpeeled for lightening up our lives. Never before has our hair been treated with such wonderful personification! See it in all its glory HERE

In other news this week Jed bit off more than he could chew in the drinks department.....


And I found out that my dog actually had alien powers......COOL


Remember to come see us headline the Barfly on 20th June, it will probably be rad. Although after recent reviews our collective hair is considering strike action....we'll see where that goes!

Much love

Laurie -JF-


Sunday, 15 May 2011

JF Single Launch & Other Happenings

Hello one, Hello all... we’ve been a little up to our ears lately and so have been somewhat lacking in the blog updates department.

This I have now come to rectify.

First of all I shall mention the recent JF Single Launch... other things have been happening too but none so fun... thus i’ll ignore them

Soooo, the Single Launch of ‘Drunk Drive’ went really well, thank you to all 300 of you who came down to support us.

We had a minor breakdown before the show when we realised that, having decided to film & record the event, we knew nothing about technology...

Laurie didn’t cope well with the pressure...

... it should also be noted that this breakdown had a dire effect on his sense of fashion and the long hidden leather jacket made a brief reappearance... we shall pray for him.

The show went supremely well and was very dramatic, even more so in black and white

45 minutes later, after showing the Drunk Drive video on a big screen and almost killing ourselves playing an encore we headed to the afterparty and hit the decks... the night then degenerated from there

We began drinking which soon led to the below disaster...

Dear Soho,
I’m sorry

I promise i’ll return soon with a wet sponge to begin the cleaning process.

Yours Sincerely

aaanyway on to serious business.

Our next London show is at Shoreditch House on 31st May... once again FREE & once again an opportunity to buy our t-shirts and limited edition ‘Drunk Drive’ Vinyls!

Ooooh also here’s a link to a Drunk Drive review:


Last but NOT LEAST... if your turn your heads to the right a little (and scroll up) ---->
you'll see you can now purchase limited edition Drunk Drive Vinyls & T-Shirts from us... oh when will the madness end?!!

Speak soon lovely people

Jed x

Monday, 18 April 2011

Things we have been doing lately (in photos) PART 1

So as the title suggests this post is going to be about er...... Things we have been doing lately. Kinda.

We finished filming the video for DRUNK DRIVE...




Where jed worked so hard he bled. It was pretty minor but he wined about it for ages cos he's a girl innit


We got some shiny new trainers courtesy of the complete babes at The Reebok Lounge...


We tried to act cool about it. Whatevs. Grant succeeded. Jed as usual failed.


We did a new photoshoot with the super talented young and HOT Amber Grace Dixon.




Jed and I went overboard with dessert.


And I was gonna save this last one for next time, cos its kinda ruins the chronological thing I got goin here.....but to be honest I'm too excited to show everyone!

In one simple and glorious moment, in a south London back garden, I became.....MAN


Now for some actual news..... We've just announced the venue for the DRUNK DRIVE single launch party. Its gonna be at the 100 Club on Oxford Street, May 11th!! If you wanna come click 'attending' on the facebook event HERE and we'll add your name to the guestlist (its freeeeeeeee). If you're either too old/cool/blind/insecure to have facebook then send an email with the names to jennersfield@gmail.com

We want to see you ALL there, this is going to be a big night for us.

Look forward to part 2 very shortly!

Laurie x

Saturday, 26 March 2011

JF life update

On this beautiful sunny day when we should all be outside, I’ve decided to stay in and keep you all updated about the world of Jenners Field. (yes I’m something of a martyr).

First of all i should mention that the great minds over at Burberry have decided to use Camberwell Grove for another online advert... this we find very exciting and whilst we’re still not deemed pretty enough to actually be in the commercial, hopefully the music speaks for itself

Soooo its been a busy couple of weeks for us, we played at The Chequer Mead down in lovely friendly Surrey. The venue was amazing and we all got agoraphobia from too much stage space.
We then travelled for 7 hours down to cornwall to play in Truro... i’d envisaged an all-american style roadtrip with sun, laughs and adventures.... instead, everyone slept and laurie listened to MagicFM until the signal cut out.

Nevertheless the Truro show (‘B-Side’ at Bunters Bar) went well... though was a little smaller than we’d imagined.

We also got to paddle on the beach... *photos to follow once we’ve cleaned the sand out the camera*

FIIIIINNNAAALLLLYYYY we had our Shoreditch House gig / Jed’s Birthday celebration.
As our new favourite place i feel we should show you some pictures of Shoreditch House with its roof top swimming pool and fantastic view.
However i can’t actually find any therefore im going to show you this clip of a cat on a tortoise.

Thank you to all those that came to the show and to our lighting engineer Sam for making them flash in time with the music

this wasn’t our light show.

One more thing to be excited about is a our upcoming JF Single Launch Party... more details will by announced soon... however ill not mention them now so as to build suspense.

Speak soon

Jed xx

Thursday, 3 March 2011

I live in Brockley (amongst other things)

Many many things happening in the JF camp at the moment, some we can say, some we can't!

Firstly exciting news to report that we'll be releasing our first single "Drunk Drive" at the end of April! Its been a long time coming but can't wait to unleash this one on you guys. We finished filming the video a couple of weekends ago at our rehearsal studio in Surrey and its in the editing stage at the mo, but what we've seen is looking awesome! Also did a new photoshoot with photographer Amber Dixon which we will be putting up the results of very soon. Somewhere on my camera I have some "behind the scenes" esque photos from these things, but at the moment I can't find my connecting cable thing so you'll have to wait for those gems!

We've been having a drive to get out of playing London recently, as we've been deafening people here for nearly 5 years now (we were 15 when we started mind, its not just that we're shit! Honest.....) and so are itching to sell ourselves somewhere else for once. On the back of this I've got some very very VERY exciting news. Yes people in the coming month we will be playing two special gigs in *drum roll please*.........EAST GRINSTEAD! and TRURO!

I know I know, how did we get gigs in these metropolitan and happening areas? I'm actually not sure, but my mate Dave told me that apparently people actually live there, and so entertain them we will! (all those that aren't busy doing that country shiz)

In other news we did an interview for the lovely Natalie at No No CoCo which you can see HERE. Have a look, its kinda funny. We haven't done that many interviews and were pretty worried we were gonna come out sounding about as interesting as your Nan's mate Margaret from Pontyfrid. To combat this we basically talked about nothing. It worked a treat! Go see for yourself anyway, and check out her other posts cos basically Nat's a babe and we love her.

Hmm to end this off I'm gonna leave you with an idea of the wonderful place I live in. For those of you that don't know, I actually live in Brockley, South East London. Its rather jazzy cos its actually quite nice and doesn't cost you an arm and seven dwarves to live in. However on my journey back from Uni today I saw two things which rather summed up the ethos of South London to me. And now yes, whether you like it or not, I will share them with you.


Who the hell eats Eels with Pie and Mash????


Only in this area would someone name their cat 'KILLA'. Seriously......like what? It looks so cute too. If the name is anything to go by though, this is one kitty we're not gonna want to find again.

Monday, 24 January 2011

JF vs Burberry


We're very proud to announce we've been featured as the soundtrack to the new 'Burberry Brights' campaign! SO mega psyched about this right now!

You can also hear the full track 'Camberwell Grove' on their website HERE

And added to this Christopher Bailey, the Creative Director for Burberry, just recommended us on Twitter! Pshhhh I'm getting all a-flustered! Someone get me a fly swat so I can slap myself silly!

In other news we've got our first gig of 2011 next Tuesday (1st Feb) at the Buffalo Bar in Islington, check out the facebook event HERE and say you're ATTENDING, cos obvs you all are anyway. No?

One final thing, we just posted up some brand new pics of our glorious selves in star studded action at Proud Galleries. Heres a couple, but go to our facebook to get the full whammy!



Photos courtesy of Arnold Borgerth, check out his website! (http://www.arnoldborgerth.com/)

So lots of very very exciting things happening for JF at the moment, keep checking back to find out more, and remember to 'like' us on facebook, follow us on twitter, stalk us on youtube, hide outside our houses and take pictures of us in the bath....all the usual stuff!

Thanks for all the support, we really appreciate it

Laurie xx

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Hello 2011 (or something similar)

So yes the JF blog has been a little quiet of late, but hush my people business will soon be restored as per usual. I simply haven't had time to get the computer since my personal trainer set my 23 hour a day exercise regime in order to ward off the devils of roast dinner.....he says they're attacking my stomach and trying to steal my slender figure. However he's a weirdo, so I think i'll be ok. Who actually wears lycra anyway? As you can also probably tell, everything I just said was in fact made up.

And so onwards! To start off the new year (i know its the 13th or whatever but I'm a slow learner) heres a couple of things i believe you should ALL know about. Because yes people, I believe my opinion is important even though its probably not. I like to pretend that many a person reads this before running in the street to proclaim my musings to the whole community. In reality that doesn't happen....at least probably not anyway. However as a side point I have been reading our stats recently and found out that around 50% of traffic to this blogs come through people searching 'Vajazzle' in google images. Therefore I have realised the secret to online success is in fact to start posting a dirty picture every week.

This is a rad band, HOODLUMS. We've played with them before but I only just rediscovered them. This cover is awesome...plus they're in the Bronx innit and that definitely makes them cool. The only bad thing about it actually is I can only hear it in my left earphone. Hence if i could hear it in both it would probably be TWICE as good.

I didn't really like the original version, but this remix changed my mind. It makes me want to dance in circles in the dark, in slow motion, with some kind of shawl. Oh and this one works in both earphones, double cool!

Finally since this blog is vaguely meant to be about some band I'm in, JF have announced their first show of 2011! CLUB FANDANGO February 1st at the Buffalo Bar, go us!

Until next time!

Laurie xxxx