Saturday, 26 March 2011

JF life update

On this beautiful sunny day when we should all be outside, I’ve decided to stay in and keep you all updated about the world of Jenners Field. (yes I’m something of a martyr).

First of all i should mention that the great minds over at Burberry have decided to use Camberwell Grove for another online advert... this we find very exciting and whilst we’re still not deemed pretty enough to actually be in the commercial, hopefully the music speaks for itself

Soooo its been a busy couple of weeks for us, we played at The Chequer Mead down in lovely friendly Surrey. The venue was amazing and we all got agoraphobia from too much stage space.
We then travelled for 7 hours down to cornwall to play in Truro... i’d envisaged an all-american style roadtrip with sun, laughs and adventures.... instead, everyone slept and laurie listened to MagicFM until the signal cut out.

Nevertheless the Truro show (‘B-Side’ at Bunters Bar) went well... though was a little smaller than we’d imagined.

We also got to paddle on the beach... *photos to follow once we’ve cleaned the sand out the camera*

FIIIIINNNAAALLLLYYYY we had our Shoreditch House gig / Jed’s Birthday celebration.
As our new favourite place i feel we should show you some pictures of Shoreditch House with its roof top swimming pool and fantastic view.
However i can’t actually find any therefore im going to show you this clip of a cat on a tortoise.

Thank you to all those that came to the show and to our lighting engineer Sam for making them flash in time with the music

this wasn’t our light show.

One more thing to be excited about is a our upcoming JF Single Launch Party... more details will by announced soon... however ill not mention them now so as to build suspense.

Speak soon

Jed xx