Sunday, 15 May 2011

JF Single Launch & Other Happenings

Hello one, Hello all... we’ve been a little up to our ears lately and so have been somewhat lacking in the blog updates department.

This I have now come to rectify.

First of all I shall mention the recent JF Single Launch... other things have been happening too but none so fun... thus i’ll ignore them

Soooo, the Single Launch of ‘Drunk Drive’ went really well, thank you to all 300 of you who came down to support us.

We had a minor breakdown before the show when we realised that, having decided to film & record the event, we knew nothing about technology...

Laurie didn’t cope well with the pressure...

... it should also be noted that this breakdown had a dire effect on his sense of fashion and the long hidden leather jacket made a brief reappearance... we shall pray for him.

The show went supremely well and was very dramatic, even more so in black and white

45 minutes later, after showing the Drunk Drive video on a big screen and almost killing ourselves playing an encore we headed to the afterparty and hit the decks... the night then degenerated from there

We began drinking which soon led to the below disaster...

Dear Soho,
I’m sorry

I promise i’ll return soon with a wet sponge to begin the cleaning process.

Yours Sincerely

aaanyway on to serious business.

Our next London show is at Shoreditch House on 31st May... once again FREE & once again an opportunity to buy our t-shirts and limited edition ‘Drunk Drive’ Vinyls!

Ooooh also here’s a link to a Drunk Drive review:


Last but NOT LEAST... if your turn your heads to the right a little (and scroll up) ---->
you'll see you can now purchase limited edition Drunk Drive Vinyls & T-Shirts from us... oh when will the madness end?!!

Speak soon lovely people

Jed x

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