Tuesday, 30 August 2011

JF in Briefs

Hi one and all,

Just thought i'd say something brief to let you know what's being going on with us & thus keep your worlds bright and colourful.

First of all i'll mention that following the fun and frolicks from our first single, 'Drunk Drive', we're now sorting the recording of the 2nd (...cue rapturous applause).

I wont mention which track it'll be, but its going to be a bigger and more exciting JF than ever before.

Oooh also talking of our previous debut single, we did recieve some great coverage recently from ITV on thier new 'London Music Review' feature


(we're around 1 min 55secs in and you even get to see our ugly mugs prancing around)

Thank you all those that came down to our recent Headline Barfly show, it was great to see so many of you there and after sorting the single we'll be back for more soon.

Feel free to follow the below link for a few up close & personal shots of the set....
JF @ Camden Barfly

So that's pretty much it folks, we'll of course keep you posted as things progress and i leave you with a St.Vincent track that i'm currently watching on repeat.

Jed x

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