Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Making a Stand

As a band is it most definitely expected of us that we should be political and stand up for the under dog.

(or ‘fight for the right to party’… we’re unsure which is morally more worthy)

Therefore after recently agreeing to donate a generous £1 a month to Wikipedia,
only to discover that they’re having a Wiki-Black Out as a protest against US web piracy,

I wondered what would happen if JF joined the protest… and did a 24/hr Blog blackout!

 I posted the below.

 … in all truth the response wasn’t as dramatic as I’d hoped

We failed to make the METRO front page or even the South London Press.
Sorry Wikipedia you're on your own.

Jenners Field, Making a stand!... a small unnoticed one.

-JF- x

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