Thursday, 7 July 2011

OUR FIRST SINGLE IS OUT!!....but erm....we're not here


Usually in a blog someone starts off by categorising all the shizz that has happened since the last blog, but although this tasty bit of news is coming i feel that I need to back track just a little to explain why its

a) 4.30 in the afternoon and i only just woke up,
b) why i don't recommend ordering turkish ravioli.

well basically, you remember back in April when Laurie became a man?

Well, all was good and well until the next day when laurie actually realised what being a man implied, as his future life flashed before his eyes 

and in a hazed morning with bbq wings, cheeseburgers, and cans of beer strewn across the house, him and jed did what all good Brits do when reality kicks in...
went on easyjet.com and ordered a dollop of sunshine, alcohol and importantly ignored all sentences that didn't consist of 'its soooo fucking hot' and/or 'i love how alcohol is SOOO cheap here' etc...

I soon followed suit when after 56 hours of being in the library finishing off my dissertation, I immediately slumped to the pub and while sipping my nice coold beer said 'jesus christ... next time i will really start working earlier and not leave it to the last minute.......' *cough*

so thats the story of how on the day of our debut single release... JF were nowhere to be seen.  Laurie and Jed have ended up in Morocco fondling some Camels (pics to follow) , I subsequently bought a ticket to istanbul and am now in Bulgaria, Hungary and hungover (see what I did there??), and why Grant being the smart guy chose to fuck trying to ask 'where do you get the 409 bus that goes to your little hostel at 5a.m.?' in bulgarian, and just went to see Prince at Hop Farm.......WELL  jealous. Though actually we haven't heard from him since, currently a bit worried that he's been stranded in that severe downpour of purple rain, though fingers crossed he had his raspberry beret with him (should I stop now.....?....I think so )

This may well be Grant… we're unsure!?

Aaanyway, onwards and upwards.

With the release of the single this week we've had some great interviews.


We've been up to BBC Humberside and BBC Nottingham to record a couple of acoustic sessions the first of which was aired with an interview on 'The Beat' last saturday on BBC Nottingham which you can catch on bbc iplayer, but there is only 2 days left.


we are around 35 minutes in… ish. Dean Jackson was great, and we will hopefully be back in nottingham both in radio format and live soon!

we've also had some great reviews,



BUUUUUUTTTTTTTT!!! the most important thing of all, we are now LIVEEE on Amazon and Itunes, BUY NOW!!! this is our first single and its great fun to have something out there for the big wide world!

until next time, probably full of holiday snaps (hopefully not too boring), have a good summer.

Danilo - JF-

Also just realised I forgot to answer why you shouldnt have turkish ravioli... well, its empty and some guy chucked yogurt on top, nuf said.

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