Monday, 10 October 2011

Brooklyn, Beards & Red Rum

Afternoon lovely JF fans (and all you 'Not fans but just nosey'),

We have just received word someone's giving our Brooklyn NYC status a boost on thier blog.

I've posted it below, for those of you who simply cant bring themselves to follow a link...

alternatively you may have Interphobia in which case i applaude you for simply getting this far and wouldnt dare ask you to open another page.


On another note we took our manager and favourite bearded Engineer (Sam Wheat) to the races...

We expected to leave rich (possibly with new horse in tow), however may have misunderstood the concept...

Therefore this is the moment me and Laurie lost all our money, whilst (now not favourite Engineer) won it all.

... we'll not be going back.

Jed x

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