Thursday, 13 October 2011

World News


I was doing some research the other day, research into what people listen to around the world, more specifically what the well informed, interesting sexy people listen to around the world. After extensive scouring through the web, I discovered some interesting results.

Apparently in Australia, they ONLY listen to Kylie, seriously, they think Dannii Minogue is a shoddy transvestite impersonator from Quebec.

And, in India they ONLY listen to Bubba Sparxxx,

According to reliable sources, in Istanbul they only listen to Coolio.

AAAAAND, somehow, in Indonesia they ONLY listen to the one and only JENNERS FIELD, well we got played on Memora FM.

Memora FM, we love those guys here at JF, we are glad they picked our last single as suitable ear candy for its listeners. Apparently they are the 3rd largest radio station in Indonesia... I say apparently because I just made that up.

Strangely, JENNERS FIELD are not only popular in Indonesia, but also in Brooklyn, because according to this blog if you are a resident of Jay Z's hometown we are to be your new weekly obsession!

On other news, we are really looking forward to going to rehearse with producer Steve Lyon this weekend, gotta get our next single down for your listening pleasure. And I couldn’t think of a better place to do it than in a studio on this strange island in the murky waters of the Thames, (if you didn’t know the Thames had islands, don’t feel guilty, nor did we).

We are VERY excited!

In keeping with my theme I leave you with this great band from Japan, or maybe they're Aliens, I am not quite sure. But either way, this tune seems to be doing pretty well in my bedroom. 


Danilo – JF – x

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